Plight of the girl child…

I have been shocked, stunned to silence by the growing number of sexual incidents against women…starting from Nirbhaya and on to so many more after her… probably the exact reaction the perpetrators want us women to have. If we take it as a given risk such as driving on the roads is… we will wear seat belts regularly but still drive… we will cover from head to toe, apply curfew on ourselves, be escorted everywhere by family/friends, dare not to stand up and say what we think raise our voices still go out and about our businesses. We will go about our business… we are adults, we can still fend for ourselves. Is this why the cowards have started attacking 4-year olds5-year olds or even 8-year olds? This makes me ask so many questions… What kind of men has our society created? What have they been told about the purpose of girls and women? 

These children cannot fend for themselves… so through the shock of the latest incident I have an anger… a rage… against society, against how we are bringing up the future sons and daughters… against our policies that are not strong enough to convict and carry out sentences on the spot…

Are we telling our sons it is ok to molest a woman?

Are we praying everyday to keep our daughters safe as they go out on their own… ?  

Why can’t we get basic security for 50% (or less because of female foeticide and infanticide) of our country’s population?  


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