Size Zero Obsession

What is it with women and their obsession with dropping dress sizes…? Let me tell you a story… I was shopping for jeans at the Mall today and there was a whole drama going on in the fitting room next to mine. Lets call the lady in the limelight Ms.X. From the loud discussions she was having with her friend who had come along, I understood that she had gone from a perfect Jeans size 28 to a truely unwholesome 29!! She swore to high heavens about her eating habit and her obsession with ghee, chocolates and mithai. She almost took an oath that she was about to eat her last sundae at lunch and never again touch another till she came back to her perfect 28…. which got me thinking… why is it so bad to be a size M or an L and not an XS or S? What is the big deal?  

Shopping which is generally a therapuetic experience became a revelation of sorts today…raising many questions. I have had my trysts with dieting and size zero obsessions but I didn’t think it could get much worse than that… getting to and maintaining a particular size can actually be the overuling factor in many women’s lives. I wonder how this comes about? Do we blame the society? the individual? the ancient forces of nature? the modern fast food convenience or the changing lifestyles? How come people in Mohanjodaro didn’t have to exercise at all… and 1 extra sundae at dinner becomes an issue?


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