“An Idle mind is the devil’s … ehh.. workshop/design lab”… this is what I have realized in my 2 jobless weeks so far. Although I am finally working on some long pending reading list and work on the small projects at home that I had out off for a long long time citing work, busy schedule and time away from home; there are times when my mind cooks up the stupidest of worries and issues that would have never crossed my mind were my energies elsewhere manifested. Now I know where Ekta Kapoor gets her ideas for Saas-Bahu crap… ToTal vellapanti…

So what is today’s program I think… gym? (NO!!); home chores? (NO way!!); watching TV? (Hmm…); reading a book (YES!)… lazing on the couch (Ohh yes!)…  




About Fuzzylogic

Engineer, Artist, Love dogs and talk my mind!
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